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If you feel you would like to know more about the Excel Coaching approach and how it can help you, please contact Louise Staden for an initial consultation at no cost.

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James wrote
Senior Executive Oil Industry
“It had been several years since I last spoke at a conference, so in order to prepare for a presentation to a large body of peers from industry, I visited Louise for a session covering building confidence, speaking in public and how to approach this sort of event with a different and more positive mind-set. The session was very helpful and I felt more prepared and more relaxed standing up to present to a large group of people. The event was very well received and I am looking forward to similar opportunities in future, assisted by the methods and practices I absorbed during the session.”



Joseph wrote:
Having been unexpectedly offered the opportunity to move from being part of a global business unit to suddenly leading it, I found myself in urgent need to develop a whole raft of skills in a variety of areas I felt very inexperienced in. A giant leap was careering towards me and my trepidation was palpable.

Two years on I have just had my final executive coaching session with Louise and I find myself standing on a mountain top confidently engaging a Life and Career view I didn’t believe I would ever command. Having not previously worked with a coach I recall approaching our first meeting with some scepticism on how a person without executive management experience in my field could offer me anything more than platitudes and a sympathetic ear. And this, perhaps above all the techniques, analysis and interventions that characterised my journey with Louise, is where her expertise shines. She has a gift for simply clearing the decks, dispelling assumptions and systematically getting to the core of each barrier to change. There is no judgement or hurry, just a quiet and honest ability to create a safe place to question, explore and commit.

My mindset has changed, I have different aspirations, I feel I understand my capabilities and Louise has been central to helping me achieve this goal. We have developed a series of strategies to allow me to follow opportunities, adapt to change and be the leader and person I want to be in my work and family life. It has not always been straight forward but I am hugely grateful. She is one of those inspirational people you never forget.


Richard wrote:
As a senior HR Director managing rapid acquisitive growth , I needed professional support from a highly qualified executive coach. CLS coach Louise Stadden has worked with me for three years. In that time I have developed coping strategies to enable me to step back and take an holistic approach to managing change. Frankly I would not have led the magnitude of change and created a great team without the level of professional coaching I have received!


Sergio wrote:

"My coaching has been like an oasis in the middle of the storm/desert. It forces me to articulate ideas that are deep in the back of my mind. I find the questions that are asked of me interesting and illuminating. Completing the questionaire in advance of the session is an invaluable process for me to gain the maximum benefit from the coaching."


Clare wrote:

"Louise has this amazing knack of making the confusing crystal clear. I went to her with a head full of career worries and came away feeling that anything and everything is possible"

Tony Wyatt wrote:

I consulted Louise Staden at Life Path to help me move forward following unexpected redundancy. By focussing on the positives of the situation and my own capabilities. Louise ensured I quickly had a personal plan to implement as developed a new career. By maintaining regular contact with Louise it helped me ensure I carried the plan forward."


Leading multinational
IT servicing company:

‘For me the value was having to stop and think for an hour, with Louise helping guide the conversations beyond the day to day operational aspects. Having that time with Louise has reinforced for me the importance of this ‘thinking time', it is too easy to be swamped with business as usual and lose sight of the end goals, Louise's coaching helped bring this more strategic thinking back onto the weekly agenda for me.

In addition we had some great sessions around people management, what people look for in their respective roles, what is important to one may not be important to another and understanding these dynamics are essential to running a functioning, happy team.'


Paul wrote:
Senior Executive Underwriting
Working with Louise is a very positive self-learning experience, it is challenging and thought provoking, but most of all hugely enjoyable.
Louise has helped lift my confidence, be more assured of my own abilities and shift the baggage that was clouding my thoughts.